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A Social Research Lab


Project Empathy is on a mission to understand empathy and compassion through neuro- scientific lens to create non-dualistic consciousness in the community, society and the world.


We have set out to imagine a world that has the courage to embrace differences, faith to find inclusion, compassion to reach out to everyone in the community with an open heart and mind. It is a commitment to impact as many lives as possible with a scientific outlook towards empathy and compassion.

Our Values

Our Attitude
  • We listen and observe

  • We are curious

  • We respect

  • We seek and learn together

  • We recognize the universality of suffering, hence strive to foster and strengthen inclusive and harmonious behavior beyond boundaries and communities

  • Recognising the vulnerability of the human race, we move forward to creating awareness and providing the knowledge and tools for individual empowerment and lay the foundation for compassionate actions in their respective areas of responsibility.

Our Approach

​Adopting project based learning to create a solid platform in the schools for the non-academic education of the students. With humanism at the core of such projects, we hope to nurture young people with robust emotional quotient and mental health. Cultivating a deep sense of interconnectedness and identification with others, on the basis of realizing our shared basic nature and the intertwining nature of the self and the other. Involving parents through our workshops in the schools to create empathetic community members. Capacity building of the youth and college students by facilitating workshops and research oriented projects. Creation of new ideas and bringing the power of imagination alive through storytelling. Through this endeavor we also look towards creating conversations what shape does empathy take in work places, how can it be deepened? Project Empathy, futuristically, would move towards exploring the forms of empathy for the uniformed personnel, considering the challenges that they are confronted with. We commit to extending empathy towards the plants, animals and the element of water; what roles they play in shaping up the world we live in.

Approach to Explore

We have a humanistic, interdisciplinary approach to explore cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy; integrating it with contemporary and transcendental concepts.


Through this approach we are looking forward to unlearn, relearn and learn human experiences for a wholesome, harmonious living.

Some Open Questions

  • Does empathy discriminate or is it absolute?

  • What is the neuro-scientific basis for empathy?

  • Are women neurally wired for being more empathetic than men?

  • If empathy is the route towards better mental health, how can we explain empathy fatigue?

  • If empathy promotes a greater sense of well being, is it because it provides a respite from self focus, or is there something fundamentally beneficial about caring for others?

  • Can we phenomenogically, experimentally and neurally identify between pro-social behaviours motivated by attachment, by sense of duty, sense of fairness and by empathy?

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