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An introduction to empathy - Mapping meaningful connections
Duration- 6 Months (For 9 to 13 years)

Since discrimination is the other end of the spectrum, it is pertinent to bring focus towards it, in order to understand empathy better. If inclusion and acceptance has to take root in the minds of the students and teachers, then empathy must be addressed in its various forms in the schools. Empathy has three verticals: cognitive, emotional and compassion. Each of these forms of empathy offers a different way of approaching human relationships and situations. Each part needs us to employ a different faculty of our brain and heart to process complex data and take a compassionate action. Therefore our 6 month long school project is designed to give insights to the students and teachers about the various nuances of empathy, how to bring it into practice, how to understand people and situations better, how to resolve conflicts. The project will employ storytelling, artwork journaling, comic strips, storyboarding, group and individual activities to learn vastly about this ‘non-academic’ topic which has become most essential to learn and understand in the post pandemic world.

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