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Shashidhar Nanjundhaiah


Shashi has headed reputed private institutions of higher education in India, especially as founding director of the Indira School of Communication, founding dean at India Today Media Institute, and director of Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication. He is best recognized for his influential reconstruction of some academic and institutional approaches, particularly around a discover-learn-practice framework.


His research on the political economy and cultural implications of post-liberalization Indian television was one of the earliest works in that chapter of history. He has also headed editorial and managerial functions at newspaper and magazine groups in India and the USA, served on Fulbright Scholarships and Advertising Standards Council of India panel, of studies at university colleges and on.


Currently, he serves on the Board of the International Council for Media Literacy (formerly National Telematics Council), USA. Shashi’s ongoing PhD from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale questions current media literacy practices and hopes to re-calibrate media literacy definitions. He holds an MS in Communication from Radford University, a BSc and MA from the University of Mysore. He lives in the USA and India.

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