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Vibha Lakhera

Founder & CEO

Vibha Lakhera, the Founder of Project empathy is an educationist with 15 years of teaching experience.  She is the Managing Trustee of Reachout Foundation, a non profit organization with a mission to create awareness about racial and ethnic discrimination.

After having worked on a qualitative research project for Reachout Foundation in the year 2016, which was funded by National Foundation for India she ideated, conceptualised and created : The India project: Say No To Discrimination. The research project was called: Breaking Stereotypes: Understanding Multicultural Diversity in Dehi and NCR schools.

Projects Trace My Family History tree , Covid 19: The Defining Moment in Our Story of Inclusion and Identifying Identity for college students, have been designed by her.


Project Meri Pehchaan for ICCO to address child labour and to help the children go back to schools, was designed by her. A book based on the project journey is under production.

She has post graduate degree in Economis and B.Ed degree from Lucknow University. 


She is the Knowledge Partner with Ad Lucem Foundation, Poland, Cracow.


In the year 2022 she is working on the second phase of Project Empathy which will expand its footprints in Kashmir, Nagalad and Delhi.

Her vision is to create a curriculum around empathy based on the project.

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